Friday, July 16, 2010

Well I'm not pregnant, which I didn't think I would be but I am 6 lbs. heavier than I was two weeks ago. I'm back up to 207. This is not good. I'm gonna struggle with weight for the rest of my life no matter what I do until I learn how to gain some control. I looked in the mirror over the past two weeks and noticed my face looked fat, "Oh I'm swollen, maybe I'm pregnant" and various other excuses. Yeah I'm swollen alright but it's because I let stress get the better of me and ate my way through my two week wait and not once went to the gym.
We're going to Tampa for the weekend with friends and I will try my hardest to keep my eating in check but come Monday I'm busting it down at the gym. I put 6 lbs. on in two weeks and if I work hard enough I can easily lose 6 lbs. in two weeks.
We're not trying again until either Sept or Oct and by then I will have lost the remaining weight to be at 190 or lower.
I can't wait for it to get cool again so I can drop my gym membership and do what I love most which is walking at lunch and walking after work outside. I hate the gym but unfortunately if you want to lose any weight during the summer in Florida you've either gotta have gym equipment or have a gym membership.
I can do this. I've hit bumps before and got back on track. Lesson learned.

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