Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's three days after the holidays and I just got back from my weigh in. Right before Christmas I weighed myself and I was 207. My goal for the holidays was to keep the weight off. If I lost weight OF COURSE that would be good but I just wanted to stay the same. After CRAZINESS of the holiday, the food and no exercising I'm at 207.5 :D I gained half a lbs. but that ok for sure.
I went to the bra store yesterday because they were having a B2G2 sale. I needed to be remeasured because I couldn't remember what I was last time but I knew that the 40H I was wearing was NOT effective anymore other than making my boobs look HORRIBLE. I'm a freaking 38DDD and THAT is why the bra is horrible. I can't freaking believe it. Since losing weight I've gone down 4 cup sizes. Right now at 17 lbs. heavier than when I lost ALL of my weight in 06 I'm wearing the same size 16 pants and wearing the same sized bra. If from here on out I lost all the weight in my chest I'd be happy. :D

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