Monday, October 27, 2008

It never ends

I have my appointment with the plastic surgeon on Thursday afternoon. I know I haven’t lost any weight. These past two weeks have been insane.
We’ve been fighting with our apartment property managers for the last two months to fix a HOLE in the ceiling. The roof started leaking sometime after we first got back from D.C. and caused the ceiling to start falling down.
Two months, two months they’ve been fighting us or just not doing anything.
Well this past week they sent out a contractor who I let in the house. I had to go back to work but told him E would be home in an hour. An hour later I get a call from the property management company telling me that they are coming to inspect our house because the contractor told them there were 9 cats running around the house and feces all over the floors and walls.
I was so livid that I was sick for 2 days. My stomach wouldn’t stop churning.
The lady came out the next day and took a look at our 3 cats and our CLEAN apartment and apologized and was mystified about the contractor’s claim.
They finally came out on Friday and fixed the damned ceiling. It took them 2 ½ hours. That’s it. All of this mess, with legal papers and the city getting called could have been resolved in probably less than that had they done the work when they were supposed to. BUT it doesn’t matter. It’s over with. My stomach is still churning even though I talked to the owner of the company and the owner of the building and let them know that I would pay them the rent today, which I did.
This weekend was my sister’s Halloween party. Of course I went and ate so much that two days later I’m still sick to my stomach.
I’ve got 3 days until I go to the doctor. I’m excited but scared and hopefully everything works out ok.
This week I’m going to be super good, eating what I’m supposed to and then walking everyday. And hopefully when I go to the doctor I’ll be the same weight or a little bit less than I was two weeks ago. I’m not sure though. The stress has been INSANE lately.
Well I guess we’ll see in 3 days.

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