Thursday, February 26, 2009

Since I wrote in this blog last A LOT of stuff has happened. When I started writing I wanted to be back down to 190 by Feb.
WELLLLLLLL the good news is I haven’t gained any weight over the holiday season. The bad news is I haven’t really lost any either.
We bought a house in Dec. and that was a crazy mess.
I went to the BR doctor and he had planned to take me down to a C, which is EXACTLY where I wanted to be. BUTTTT once the insurance copy go a hold of the information they wanted me to go down to a B. I just couldn’t do that, knowing that I’d eventually get off my butt and lose the 50 lbs. I wanted to lose the weight loss would mess up the end results too much.
So here I am in Feb. not having reached my goal at all but in a completely different mindset than I’ve been in for the last 2 ½ years.
The week of Valentine’s I started going to the Y at lunch, taking this awesome circuit class. I freaking love it. I went the whole week and walked during lunch if classes were available. My eating didn’t change though. I was still eating stuff I KNNNNNEW I wasn’t supposed to. That all changed on the weekend.
Saturday afternoon me and E and my sister went for Mexican food. My stomach started acting weird afterwards but it went away. That night we were supposed to meet two of our other friends and my sister and her husband at the Brazilian steakhouse. I had the worst pain I’ve EVER experienced in the middle of my stomach. I pretty much skipped dinner and slept in my B-I-L’s car.
The next day I was feel better just beat down. We went to Cheesecake Factory and then had pizza for dinner. That night in the middle of the night the pain came back AGAIN worse than the first time. I was up all night pacing the room. I went to “sleep” in the guest bedroom so not to disturb E anymore.
It finally stopped hurting 2 hrs. before I had to get up for work. As I was getting an appointment set up at the doctor E told me it sounded like a gallbladder problem. (She’s had them before.) So I went to work and though I was exhausted I started feeling a little bit better so I canceled the appointment.
That was the 16th. Since then I’ve been eating better, cutting out A LOT of the fat and trying to eat more veggies and less junk. I weighed myself Wednesday before Valentine’s and I was 236, yesterday I was 232. I’ve been going to the gym everyday or walking at lunch and sometimes doing Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred after work.
I feel so much better and SOOOO much more focused. I haven’t felt this focused on weight loss since 2005-2006 when I lost my 90 lbs. I’m not going as fast as I was then and I’m fine with that. I’m setting small goals for myself.
My first goal was actually one of the goals I had last time around. I have these pair of Lee jeans that I’ve had for 10 years. I love these jeans. They’re men’s jeans so they’re smaller through the hip and waist area. I don’t even know what size they are but I want to get back into them.
I’m better off than I was, I can actually get them buttoned and zipped without lying down but they’re still too tight. By the end of March I want to be able to wear them comfortably.
For April 15th, which is two months since I started on track again I want to be down to 220 by the time I have my yearly doctor’s appointment. That’s how much I weighed last year when I went.
I can do this.

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