Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ugh I feel HORRIBLE today. I know my TOM is coming but I can't help it. I feel gross and disgusting and I see that I've gained a pound since Friday and I want to cry. Did I REALLLLY gain it or is it water weight? I don't know.
My abdomen is so painfully sore right now. I'm not quite sure what's going on. It wasn't even this tight right after surgery.
I had my check up with the doctor yesterday and he said everything looks real good and I don't have to come back unless there's a problem.
I was supposed to go to the gym today but it was so crowded that I turned around and left. I PROMISE though tomorrow I will hit the gym right after work so I have no excuse. It's so hard for me to get back into exercise after I haven't been doing it for so long especially since I'm a weakling and even the smallest amount of pain has me worried I'm gonna bleed internally.
But no more excuses. Whether or not I really DID gain a pound since Friday I'm starting back to the gym tomorrow.

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