Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last week was good and bad. I DID stay off the scale at Publix *that temptress* BUT I only exercised twice and on Saturday ate so much pizza that even thinking about it now I'm queasy. I weighed myself this afternoon and I was still at 214 which is good. My new goal is to lose 5 lbs. in the next 2-1/2 weeks. I want to be 209 by the time E gets home. It will be the first time I've been that close to 200 in 2 years. Plus we're going to Universal when she gets back and as cheesy as it sounds it's OUR place. It's where we took our first vacation together, it's where we bought our rings from Tiffany's and we're fully planning next year to go there for our honeymoon. HOPEFULLY Harry Potter land will be open by then. :D That would make Universal an even better place.

I have some other huge goals I need to start cracking down on and getting MAJOR serious about. We're talking about trying to have a baby next year. :D YAY! I need to lose ATLEAST 50 lbs. before that happens. I want to be 160 before we start trying in August which means I need to be 160 and mantaining by March. Some of my friends don't seem to understand why I want to lose weight BEFORE having the baby. My friend S was telling me last night I need to just lose the weight after the baby. I told him no way. I would rather be 160, gain 20 lbs. with the baby and after the baby is born go back to 160 instead of being 214 gaining 20 lbs. and going back down to 214.
Yeah I said 20 lbs. Because I'd still be overweight I need to gain between 15-25 lbs. and no more during pregnancy. There's still fat reserves there for the baby. S was telling me I would gain 40 lbs. but I won't let that happen. I'm not going to start out my child's life with weight issues. I want my kid to not have the same struggles I have had since I was 16. Coincidently, being at 160 will be the weight I was WHEN I was 16 and I haven't seen it since.
Speaking of S we went out to dinner a few week ago with me him, his partner and my sister. My sister didn't finish all the food on her plate because she was full and he started harping on her to eat all the food because she KNEW she still wanted it. What did my sister do? Take more bites of the food she didn't want. I looked at her and told her to put it down if she wasn't really hungry. S looked at me and was like, "Well you ate all your food." Yes, because I was actually hungry, having thrown out what was the WORST lunch ever. Had I not been I'm sure I wouldn't have eaten it all. Last night I was over at their house for birthday cake. I got a small piece and when I was done put my plate in the sink. Again he kept harping on me to eat more cake. WTF? Why do people do that? Especially when he KNOWS that I'm trying to lose weight. After that is when we had the pregnancy weight discussion.
DAMMIT! It's sunshining outside but has started to pour rain. It better stop so I can get out there and walk before dinner.

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