Thursday, April 23, 2009

My dad’s been losing weight. He’s doing REALLY good but I’m worried about the WAY he’s losing weight. I know I mentioned before that he started eating meat again. Not red meat but chicken, fish and sometimes pork. He came over for Easter and looked amazing. A week later he came over and he was even SKINNIER. But he walked into my house with an empty bag of PORK RINDS. WTF!? My dad won’t eat certain vegetables because they’re “full of carbs” but eating a bag of pork rinds is ok?! I don’t understand this logic at all.
I love my dad and I want him to lose weight but I want him to do it safely. Our family has a history of heart problems and I don’t think being on Atkins is good for your heart.
I’ve had a hard time losing weight this time. I lost 10 then plateaued because I haven’t been as careful as I should be. BUT one thing is different than any time before. I’m happy. I feel so good that when I eat more than I should I don’t beat myself up *AS MUCH*. And I don’t feel that constant NEED to overeat when I sit down to dinner. We had dinner with a friend last night and he brought dessert, a freaking truffley tart. I had a small piece and was done. I was full from dinner but not bloated full and I didn’t want anymore. He kept trying to get me to get another piece but I refused. When he left he didn’t take the tart with him. I immediately tossed it in the garbage so we wouldn’t eat any more of it. I didn’t feel guilty at all. Most of my life I’ve had a huge hang up on food and it getting wasted. I know it stems from not having a lot when we were kids. BUT I can’t let that interfere with who I am now. There’s NO logical reason to finish a HORRID calorie bomb of a dessert just so it won’t get wasted and I’m starting to come to terms with that. I feel good.
I don’t know if I lost any weight this week but I noticed today that even if I didn’t I’m sure I’ve lost some inches. I’m wearing a pair of pants that got washed last night and they’re hanging off of me. I’m pretty sure in like 5 lbs. I’ll be able to do the whole pull them off without unbuttoning them thing. PLUS I tried on my goal jeans and I got them on and zipped STANDING UP and they were the most comfortable they’ve been since I gained weight. Probably 10-15 I’ll be able to wear them regularly.
We’re having friends come from out of town next week to spend the week with us. Well one is spending the week and the other just the weekend. The big highlight of their trip will be taking them to Clark’s Fish Camp. I can BARELY describe this place to anyone it’s so crazy. E says it’s like Fight Club. You don’t talk about it to anyone, you’ve just got to experience it. So we like to take all of E’s Yankee people (I say that with love) to this place and watch their reaction.
I’ve got to try and be good while they’re here. Do my exercising and try to keep my eating from CRAZY LEVELS.
I’m off of school this coming week for Spring Break so I’m hoping that with a little more exercise and some rest I’ll be able to break the plateau. We’ll see.

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