Friday, April 24, 2009

Well it's been a month since I lost ANY weight. I'm not exactly sure what I did to screw myself up so bad but something has happened. I'm still stuck at 226. Though I probably shouldn't be complaining because apparently though I haven't lost any weight things have seemed to have shifted. I'm wearing a wear of 18 jeans from Old Navy that I bought when I was 10 lbs. heavier. They are literally falling off of me and I washed and put them in the dryer just last night. So maybe I've lost inches this month when I'm busting my butt at the gym instead of weight. It's weird.
Next week since I'm off of school I'm gonna try and get my weight loss going again. I'm going to fiddle with my calories and up my exercise everyday next week in hopes that I'll get something right and lose some weight.
I'm supposed to set up my annual OB visit but I don't want to go in until I've lost these six pain in the ass lbs. I was 220 last year and I'll be 220 this year DAMMIT! I'm gonna set the appointment for the middle of May or maybe the end when I have my vacation time and I can just take the whole day off to relax and do something that's not work or school related. I'm totally gonna do that. I'm gonna set up my appointment for after the 21st and then go super early then spend the rest of the day at the beach. It was CRAZY hot today. It's 89 outside and I LOVE it. It's gorgeous outside. I'm just so damned sad that I have to spend it inside this cube. :( I think I might go to Wal Mart tonight and buy a new summer exercise outfit. I need shorts that don't show off too much fat *i.e. spandex* but I need them to not show my ass when I'm in circuit class.

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