Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This week I decided to try something to see if I could get out of my rut. I didn’t quite do exercise on the weekend. We did spend all weekend cleaning the house and getting ready for guests and that did entail A LOT of running up and down the stairs so I’m totally gonna count it. I’ve done good on my food all week so far. I drop my calories back to 1200 after looking at an old written journal and seeing that my body apparently only wants to lose weight when I’m eating the LOWEST calories that’s healthily possible. Stepped but my workout game a bit also. I went to the gym today and it looks like this is the magic solution for me. I jumped on the scale real quick before leaving but I’m fairly certain it was a solid 223. I know for certain it’s no more than 224 and that’s ALL that matters. E got me going to this PEER trainer place online and she was talking to me about the emails they send out. One of them was talking about how it’s not about how much weight you WANT to lose it’s how much weight you EXPECT to lose. If you expect to never lose any or lose it then gain it back you won’t go anywhere.
I thought it was interesting because I have never thought of my weight loss like that. I’ve always expected that I couldn’t do it or it’d all come back and that’s exactly what happened. So I’ve changed my tune. I expect this to be the LAST time I lose this weight. I will NOT gain it back and by the end of the year I WILL be at 180. Also I’ll be at 220 or below by the end of May when I have to go to the doctor. I WILL start training for my C25K at the end of the year once I get to 180.
I started taking a FlexxIt class on Tues & Thurs and it kicked my butt yesterday. I didn’t feel it until I start doing my circuit class today and then I was DYING. But I got through it and I’ll be there again tomorrow. :D
I’m very proud of myself lately with food also. We went to Chili’s the other night and I had 600 calories left. E ordered chips and salsa and I wanted some. So I had some and decided what I would get for dinner to balance it out. One of Chili’s big mouth burger buns are 330!! That’s JUST the bun. I had them swap it out for one of their 90 cal. Whole wheat buns and I got black beans instead of fries. I had half the basket of chips and that was 235. By the time our dinner came out I had half the burger and a couple bites of black beans and then I was full. I wrapped the rest up and took it to work the next day and came away at 600. I was proud because it’s been A LOOOOOONG time since I was able to control myself when it came to food. When I lost all my weight before I did it like it was nothing but I got out of that and gained the weight I’m trying to get rid of now. We’re going to Bonefish Grill on Saturday when E’s friend Ellen comes to visit. I’ve already checked the website and decided on what I’m going to have, something else I used to do that worked so well before. Hopefully this is a good sign in the right direction.

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