Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I weighed myself on Friday and I was 224. Not bad, not bad at all. I haven't weighed myself this week yet but I'm sure I've lost. The pants I bought in March when we were in Boston are getting really baggie on me. E is gone to Boston for a week for her sister's graduation so I'm fending for myself. She left me this really awesome low fat, low calorie cornbread pudding type stuff to eat with the two pork chops she left for me but the stuff DID NOT sit well overnight only to be reheated in the microwave. So last night for dinner I had a pork chop with one of the awesome Arnold Sandwich thins and some veggie light cream cheese.

I had a test on Monday at school and I got a 96 and yesterday she snuck a test in on us and I got a 96 again. :D I do really well at these surprise tests. Doesn't give me time to stress out about messing up. My teacher told me yesterday that I'm really doing awesome and it gave me the extra boost to my confidence that I needed.
I bought a new water bottle this passed weekend, one that has a strap so I can carry it to the gym without it being to awkward and I'm glad I did! It was SCORCHING hot on Monday when I had to walk to the bank and if it wasn't for that water bottle I would have flat out died. I'm just glad it cooled off yesterday.
I KNOW it's about to be that TOM because I'm craving sushi SOOOOO bad. I want to go to the chinese buffet up the street from my house where they surprisingly have amazing sushi but I need to stay on track. My sister's graduation party is this weekend and I know they're gonna have alot of crazy stuff. Plus my friends are having a Pampered Chef party so I know there will be good food there. I can do this. :D

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