Thursday, May 7, 2009

I weighed myself today at the gym even though I wasn’t supposed to but I’m glad I did. I wanted to see HOW badly I’d screwed up this passed weekend. THANKFULLY with this week being super strict (Except yesterday when I ate my weight in sushi.) I was 224. I’ll have the final week number tomorrow.
It’s MAD crazy hot outside and I bought a pair of shorts that are kinda spandexy but not really. It’s just so hot I couldn’t walk to the gym in my pants anymore. I’ve been doing a pilates class on T&TH that’s cool. It’s killer because I have NO ab muscles whatsoever but I love it. As I was leaving today I said something to the tiny girl behind the counter at the Y about how it was super hot outside and I didn’t want to have to walk back to work. She asked where I worked and I told her and she was like, “WOW that’s a big walk.” I told her it’s only .8 mile and she was still shocked. I love that feeling. Knowing that I’m doing something someone else thinks is crazy hard.
Speaking of crazy hard. I had a test on Monday and I got a 95. I’m so proud of myself. There’s no way I’m going to fail this school. This time two years from now I’ll be working it out as a court reporter. :D

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