Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ugh. I don't even want to step on a scale this week. I love Ellen but it's SOOO good she doesn't live closer to us. She's a very tiny, tiny girl but she eats like a fat girl. My whole weekend was a glutton of food and booze. Sunday we went to St. Augustine and went to a winery tour then walked around went to Sangria's which is AMAZING had some Sangria and appetizers then went over to Columbia for dinner and dessert. Oh I forgot we started out the day with bread, cheese and fig preserve lunch. I know I gained weight. I'm just scared to see how much. I had a gallbladder attack on Sunday night. E thinks it has to do with Brie because almost every time I have an attack there's Brie involved.
I decided to be STRONG the rest of the week and be good, clean everything out with a week of fruit, salads and soups. And I even refused a trip to Savannah with E and Ellen because I know one of the main things they're gonna do is go to Paula Deen's. Plus Savannah is full of such good boozing spots such as my favorite water front dive, The Warehouse.
I think I'm ok though. I got it under control very well yesterday and today. Hopefully I can at least lose what I gained over the weekend. Good thing is Chris won't be coming for another month AT LEAST so I have time to lose more weight before having another weekend of debauchery.

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