Monday, March 16, 2009

20/20 Challenge

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!

Step 1:
Make a plan and set your goal!
My plan: To lose 20 lbs. in 20 weeks
My goal: To lose the weight and be a full time runner.

Step 2:
Choose our rewards!

My 10 lb. reward: 2 dvd's of my choice that I've been eyeballing forever.
My 20 lb. reward: A massage package from the place where E has hers.
My FINAL after the challenge goal reward from when I go from obese to overweight, which is 180 I'm buying a dang WII. Everyone else in the world has one and I totally have to have one.

Step 3:
Plan my weight loss attack!

I go to school on M, T, Th. and there's a Y right around the other side of the building. I'm gonna go there on my breaks and get started on the C25K running program.
M and Th. on my lunch break I'll be walking THIS bridge either to the library or the BoA Tower, which is .8 or 1 mile depending where I'm going:

Wednesday and Friday I had my Y Super Stations class. I'll walk the bridge over to the BoA Tower and then do the class.
Wed. & Friday night are free for me to do homework and relax at the start of the weekend.
Saturday I think will be my "day off". Maybe I'll hit up a swim class or Zumba with E but nothing crazy.
Sunday I'll walk 2 miles at the house then Shred with Jillian.

As for my eating:
My BMR is 1814. That's 12,698 calories a week.
To lose 1 lb. a week I have to consume, 9,198. That's 1314 a day or however I mix it up to keep it at 9,198 a week. The eating is actually ALOT better since I started classes because I have to have my stuff with me because I don't have time to run out and get food. So I'm actually doing pretty good. I usually have a South Beach breakfast bar in the morning on the way to work because I can't eat too much that early or I tend to get sick. Lunch I have some type of sammich. Today was PB&J and some celery and carrots and hummus and a nectarine. Dinner is some spaghetti-os and a del monte fruit cup.

I'm really glad I joined this challenge. I feel SUPER MOTIVATED!!!

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