Monday, March 30, 2009

I didn't lose any weight last week but with everything going on I also didn't GAIN any weight and that's the big importance.
I went shopping this weekend and got all geared up for my C25K program. I bought my red ipod shuffle, some Asics and some workout clothes.
Here's the actually stuff I bought.

And not only is the ipod gonna help myself lose weight it's also a red product so just from buying it I've help 83 mothers get the AIDs shot they need to keep their unborn babies from getting it.

I'm really super pumped about starting the C25K. I'm TERRIFIED but excited. I'm walking to the library at lunch and then tonight on my break I'll do the first C25K session. Yay!!!
I'm going out to my parents house this weekend to clean out my old room. I'm hoping I can lose at least 3 lbs. before I go out there.
My dad used to be SUPER huge when I was a kid. Well he started exercising and eating better and became a vegetarian and lost a TON of weight. At one point he was down to 188 lbs. But that was in boot camp. While in the Army he was fine until he hurt his neck and he couldn't really exercise anymore. He started gaining weight and eventually got back up to his weight of about 350 where he is now.
He went to the doctor a few weeks ago and his sugar was high. He decided to drop all of the pasta and carbs that he's been eating for ages and started eating fish and chicken again. He's walking everyday after work and I'm really proud of him. He wants to start running again also. Hopefully by the end of the year he'll be running again and we can run a 5K together.
Anyways. We're having Easter at our house and me and E are gonna make a full WW Core dinner so it'll be healthy for the whole family and my dad can actually enjoy it too. We're making a turkey breast instead of a ham because this is the first time my dad will eat meat at a dinner in ages and we want it to be healthy.

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