Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I was robbed.

Yesterday while we were at work some piece of shit broke into our house and stole our 37" tv and E's Apple macbook. They freaking came through the front door IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and no one saw anything. A neighbor a couple of unit blocks over got her place broken into also but they apparently didn't find anything to their liking to take.
We got the insurance stuff all straightened out and both of us are fine, as are the cats but I have NEVER felt so violated in my life.
Thank god our house is still under it's home warranty. They came out last night and put a temp. fix on the door and just finished up permanently fixing it. We're getting new BIGGER locks and a security system today.
After all the hoopla last night we went to Chili's and I downed two Mango margaritas and had a huge burger and fries. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine though. I mean after all the crap I went through I'm not even kicking myself.
I'm exhausted today. I didn't go to work because we've spent all day calling various banks to get flags put on our accounts. Calling all the credit companies to get security freezes. I'm sick to my stomach worrying I'm gonna miss something and info from that computer's gonna come back and bite me on the ass credit wise. I hate feeling like this and I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE.

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