Friday, March 13, 2009

Me and E went to see our niece for her 1st birthday this passed weekend. I'm not even gonna lie and act like I was good food or exercise wise but I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY and even though I've had a few days since getting back on Monday that were rough mentally I'm alright. I got home and the scale said I'd gained the whole 9 lbs. I lost back in 4 days. Now I KNOW that's not possibly. I mean I ate some bad but awesome food but I wasn't eating like crazy. We flew so I know some of it, most of it is probably water weight and such from the trip. I'm going to check again on Wednesday.
We're at our new building at work and I decided to try and walk to the library. It was one of my favorite things to do during my lunch hour at our old building. It was only .5 now it's a mile each way but I threw on my walking shoes and went at it. I got there and back AND looked around the library and checked out books in only 40 minutes. THAT was freaking amazing for me. I also noticed that if I book it real good I can get over the bridge and to the Y in 10 minutes. That means I can start taking my circuit class again! YAYYYY! :D
I also found out that literally right around the other side of the building where I'm taking my stenography classes is a Y. So when I have my 1-1/2 hr. break during classes I can run over there and jump on the treadmill for 1/2 hr.
MAN! I honestly forgot how much I loved working out when I actually do it. It helps my depression so much and makes me feel so good.

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